Product Details

The rx-200z full-automatic magnetic ring winding machine produced by the company is mainly applicable to the full-automatic production of the winding process required in the production process of various inductors (peripheral winding) products. Using equipment instead of manual operation, the production efficiency is high, the quality standard is unified, and the operation is simple. One basic operator can control multiple equipment to produce at the same time, greatly reducing the comprehensive cost; Meet the production needs of customers with higher cost performance, and help enterprises have a strong competitive advantage in the fierce market competition.


Compared with the equipment in the same industry, the equipment produced by the company has the following characteristics:


~ By replacing the fixture, the same equipment can be used for winding processing of multiple products.

~ It adopts PLC control, man-machine interface setting, servo motor and cylinder cooperate to execute transmission, so the production efficiency is higher.

~ The upper and lower thread hooking of crochet adopts servo motor combined with module transmission, which has higher efficiency, more stable operation and better durability.

~ The device can store the setting data of a variety of products. One product can be set at one time and the subsequent call is convenient.

~ The equipment improves the anti stupidity treatment in the production process to ensure smoother production, higher efficiency and better quality.

~The magnetic ring clamping wheel is made of special technology, which is durable and does not need to be replaced frequently.


Introduction to other related equipment:


* Production efficiency: (take 10 * 6 * 4 magnetic ring winding 0.6 diameter double wire and 9 turns as an example) about 450 hours / hour.

* Trial range of copper wire diameter: ф 0.3- ф 2.2

* Maximum trial range of copper wire length: 1000 mm.

* Magnetic ring specification scope of application: minimum 8 * 4 * 3; The maximum is 22.5 * 14 * 9 and products within this range (specific experiments can be carried out if beyond this range).

* If the above scope is exceeded, the specific docking design can be adopted.

* Equipment size: approx. (length) × wide × Height) 850 × six hundred and twenty × 1500(mm)

* Equipment weight: About 100kg.

* Power supply: AC220V 50 / 60Hz 1.3KW

* Service air pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.6 MPa



** The above scope is the current technical parameters of the equipment. For subsequent changes, please refer to the real-time data. If not notified in time, please WeiHua!