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Main points and methods of fault maintenance for transformer winding machine
- 2019-10-06-

1. Spare parts replacement method

inTransformer winding machineIn the maintenance, replace the suspected faulty parts with good spare parts. After the maintenance personnel basically judge the cause of the fault, they can use this method to quickly diagnose the fault range, and quickly put the winding machine into normal operation, and then return the broken parts for repair. This is currently the most commonly used troubleshooting method.

2. Compilation of trial operation procedures

Compiling a reasonable program and running it successfully is the basis for determining the integrity of the whole machine system. Some winding parameter setting errors may cause system failures or invalid functions, sometimes due to user program errors caused by failures and shutdowns. You can use the preparation of a test run program to check and correct the errors of the user program to ensure normal operation.

Third, the whole machine reset method

Under normal circumstancesCNC winding machineMachine errors caused by transient faults, such as improperly operated crashes or instantaneous power failures, can be reset by hardware reset or switch system power supply in turn to clear the faults. If the working storage area of ​​the system is unstable due to voltage, unplug the circuit board or rectify the switching power supply. If the undervoltage causes confusion, the system must be initialized and cleared. Before clearing, you should make a backup record of the current data. If the fault cannot be eliminated after resetting and initializing, perform a hardware replacement diagnosis.

Fourth, make good use of all adjustable parts

The adjustment of adjustable components such as winding tension, input voltage, and the starting position of the wire rack is an easy and simple but effective method in maintenance. Through the adjustment of adjustable parts, some hardware failures are corrected. Internal winding machine failure alarm, you can check the reasons for the failure of each inspection point, whether the workpiece is adjusted incorrectly, there is collision, interference, whether the detection point is loose and shifted, whether the line is damaged, whether the sensing point is blocked by dust, butter, etc.

V. Improving Environmental Quality Law

For some very strangeMagnetic winding machineIf you can’t find the cause of the faults using the exclusion and replacement method, you often need to start with the surrounding environment. The environment is generally divided into two types, power supply and space. The power supply can be improved by using a regulated isolated power supply to improve the fluctuations from the power supply. For some high-frequency interference from the power supply, capacitor filtering can be used. These preventive measures can be used to reduce the faults caused by the power supply, increase and check whether the grounding is good. It is also very necessary.