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"Winding machine" is like the cycle of a person's life
- 2019-11-17-

Winding machineIt is a device that winds a linear object on a specific workpiece. It is usually used to wind copper wire. Most electrical products need to be wound with enameled copper wire (referred to as enameled wire) to make an inductance coil, then this process can be processed on a winding machine. Such as: various motors, rotors, stators, chip inductors, transformers, solenoid valves, inductances, resistors, ignition coils, transformers, audio coils, IC card high and low frequency coils, focusing coils, etc.

The winding industry is the industry with the greatest labor demand for high-tech products. The emergence of winding machines can effectively reduce labor costs, improve work efficiency, and also help improve product quality. It is a common processing equipment in the production industry. The development process can be divided into manual-semi-automatic-automatic. The whole process has gone through more than half a century.

The development history of winding machine

Early winding machines were controlled by traditional machinery. Its display interface is generally a simple code table or code plate. Use the gear rotation to drive the code wheel to rotate to complete the count. It can only display the current number of cycles, and the accuracy is very poor. After using for a period of time, manual winding is more common due to the high efficiency of gear wear loss. This code table is the man-machine interface of the early winding foil winding machine.

With the development of science and technology, the mid-term winding machine began to be applied to the man-machine interface of the digital tube. With the increasing requirements for the production unit of the winding machine, the winding machine has some simple setting functions, most of its power components are provided by the motor, so the man-machine interface at this time can already display the current cycle number And output. The man-machine interface displayed by the digital tube can intuitively display the parameters and operations of the existing equipment, which greatly improves the reliability and convenient operation. The man-machine interface of the mid-term winding machine has laid a good foundation for the display mode of the modern winding machine. The later development of the winding machine is generally based on the digital tube display as the man-machine interface, which is also the epitome of the man-machine interface of the modern winding low-voltage foil winding machine.

The man-machine interface of modern winding machines can take many forms. There are many kinds of man-machine interface, such as digital tube type, Chinese display, multi-language display, etc. In addition, it also integrates control functions so that the man-machine interface can display parameters and control equipment. Generally, a touch screen is used as the man-machine interface of the winding machine. With the development of science and technology, the human-machine interface of the high-voltage winding machine will develop in the direction of high integration.