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The necessity of the production of toroidal winding machines and the structural adjustment of related industries
- 2019-12-17-

All the time,Ring type winding machineOther electronic product production equipment is the main body to promote the development of my country’s electrical and electronic industry, and the excellent and efficient CNC automatic winding machine accounts for a relatively small proportion of the entire winding equipment market. This pattern makes the electrical and electronic industry face great pressure to upgrade. Always endure the pain of inefficiency and high defective rate, and it will not be in line with the development speed of China's overall industry in the long run. The task of accelerating the adjustment of the structure of manufacturing equipment in the industry has actually been proposed long ago. However, in the absence of the necessary macroeconomic environment due to the rapid growth of consumer demand for electronic products brought about by the rapid economic development, it is actually impossible to make significant progress.

Enterprises must first actively invest in research and development, speed up the research process, and vigorously promote the development and utilization of the numerical control and full automation of the winding machine. Speed ​​up the adjustment of industry structure. The second is to deepen the system reform, optimize the internal structure of the enterprise, straighten out the relationship between the winding machine manufacturer-agent-customer, and form a mechanism, which is a fundamental change in promoting channel structuring. It is necessary to accelerate the development of enterprises themselves and improve industrial restructuring. Focus on strengthening the integration of resources between enterprises and enterprises and between enterprises and customers, vigorously promote the transformation of development mode, and enhance the ability of sustainable development. Encourage cross-industry, cross-regional, and cross-ownership cooperation, and encourageAutomatic winding machineJoint or integrated development of production enterprises and related industries.

Small workshop-style factories that are unreasonable, do not meet safety standards, waste resources, and do not meet environmental requirements will inevitably perish in the economic storm. We should also pay close attention to the industry's own savings. On the one hand, winding machine manufacturers provide equipment for various coil manufacturers, and on the other hand, they are also a major purchaser of CNC equipment.

Therefore, there is a lot of room for collaboration in these related industries, and the effect of implementing revenue and reducing expenditure will be obvious. Encourage downstream partners to abandon the original backward manufacturing process in the current production process and purchase the most advanced CNC equipment such as CNC automatic winding machines and other highly automated equipment. In short, all walks of life adjust and optimize the industrial structure, and enhance the supply and order guarantee capabilities of enterprises.Transformer winding machineTechnology and CNC equipment support.