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Technical characteristics of stranding machine
- 2020-01-11-

The stranding machine is also known as the high-speed stranding machine, the stranding machine, and the nimble threading machine.

The stranding machine is widely used in the stranding of various soft/hard conductors (copper wire, enameled wire, tinned wire, copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum, etc.) and electronic wires, such as: power cords, telephone lines, audio cables, Video cable, car cable, network cable, etc. Twist multiple single conductors into one strand to meet the requirements of wire technology.

Technical features:

1. The maximum speed of the main shaft of the stranding machine is 3000rpm.

2. Automatic tension control: When twisting the wire, the tension of the take-up wire needs to be continuously increased when the full reel is received from the bottom of the reel. The machine can automatically track and adjust the take-up tension; make the tension of the entire reel uniform, and the machine also The tension can be adjusted without stopping the machine.

3. The main engine is lubricated by oil and cooled by natural circulation, which effectively prolongs the service life of the spindle bearing.

The thread passing system adopts a new structure. The wire passes directly from the main shaft guide wheel to the bow belt, minus the scratches and jumps caused by the failure of the corner guide wheel on the aluminum plate.

4. There are three compression devices in the machine to ensure the roundness of the conductor after twisting and reduce the loss of insulating materials.

5. The whole machine adopts synchronous belt transmission, and there is no lubrication point inside the machine, which keeps the machine clean, and the stranded wire is free of oil stains. It is suitable for conductor stranding of various wire types with high surface cleanliness requirements.

6. To adjust the twisting pitch, only need to replace a take-up wheel, and adjust the twisting direction only to pull the reversing rod, which is simple and convenient to operate, thereby reducing the error rate and work intensity of the operator. The bearings of the whole machine are made of well-known Japanese brands, and the bow straps are made of new materials, which are flexible, and avoid jumps caused by vibration during high-speed operation. The frequency converter, PLC, magnetic powder clutch, electromagnetic brake, hydraulic jack, etc. are all imported well-known brands , Reduce failure rate and maintenance cost.