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Introduction to the setting and debugging method of automatic winding machine
- 2020-02-19-

Nowadays, winding machines are not just as simple as winding a coil. Casual industrial production requirements are slowly expanding. Gradually, winding machines have been applied to the inductance needed in various household appliances manufacturing industries.Automatic winding machineThe characteristics of the automatic twisting function can save manual services and improve productivity. Contemporary automatic winding machines integrate electrical control systems, gear transmissions, optical inspections and many other technologies, so the difficulty of setting adjustments is also It has greatly increased. After purchasing the winding machine, many customers usually cannot find the direction for its setting. The functions and general adjustment methods of the winding machine are summarized below:
One, understand the equipment function and winding processing technology
When the automatic winding machine is purchased, the power supply must be connected to the full-load trial operation. The first step in this whole process is to check whether the winding machine is running stable and whether there is abnormal noise, as the adjustment staff in the whole process You should check whether each function is reasonable one by one against the winding machine instructions. It is a whole process of understanding the equipment. After the basic understanding of the equipment function, you should find the corresponding equipment function according to the winding processing technology of your product, and integrate the processing. Process to check whether the function of the equipment is in compliance with the winding regulations, the equipment function regulations must be communicated with the equipment dealer in detail when purchasing, to prevent the equipment and the winding regulations from not paying after the purchase, here you should pay attention to the equipment The main parameters such as the allowable wire diameter, larger sandbag leggings, line width and precision are the basic data information for the decision-making equipment and winding regulations.
2. Setting of equipment notes and measurement of data information
After the adjustment staff understand the equipment functions and main parameters, they must also measure the tension adjustment of the winding machine and the data information of the winding abrasive. In general, the larger the diameter of the winding application, the greater the tension. Different manufacturers have different equipment tension adjustment categories. The tension required for the application of aluminum cable and copper core wire is different. The tension required for aluminum wire cable of the same wire diameter is smaller than that of copper core wire. , After the tension is adjusted, the diameter of the wire wound on the abrasive tool will be reduced. If it is a thin rope, it will break, tie and other conditions. If the tension is too small, electromagnetic coil edema and disordered wire rows will occur. Therefore, tension adjustment is a very important setting. Different wire diameters often have safety tension categories. There is a detailed introduction in the book "Safety Tension of Silk Covered Wires". In the measurement, you must pay attention to the width and aspect ratio of the abrasive tool and whether it is matched with the winding rod. Too tight will endanger the loading and unloading of the abrasive tool, and too loose will cause the abrasive tool to shake and harm the actual effect of the line row.
The processing technology and characteristics of the automatic winding machine
①The copper consumption should be at least.
② The copper loss should be minimized and have good refrigeration performance.
③The winding is very easy, which helps to maintain specialization and automation technology.
④Should have sufficient impact toughness and compressive strength of insulating layer material.
⑤In order to integrate into different operating conditions, the winding should be easy to change.
⑥The arrangement of the automatic winding machine is as neat and beautiful as possible. , The probability of a part of the switching power supply being abnormal is a high proportion of all common fault equipment. Therefore, if all the main parameters of the switching power supply are repaired first, it can reduce the whole process of blindly following the trend.