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There is a problem with the winding machine, Weihua Electronics will teach you several repair methods
- 2020-03-06-

The faults of the winding machine are classified into nothing more than: electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, transmission systems, and pneumatic (if available). Among them, the electrical equipment is divided into strong and weak electrical installations, and the manufacturers of the winding machine are generally In the design, application and maintenance of its CNC machine tools, it is considered to give warnings to vulnerable parts and easy-to-failure positions. After the warning power circuit is working, on the one hand, sound and light alarms are obtained on the display or control panel. Information, on the other hand, sends out defensive commands to make the system software turn off the power or terminate the work to ensure safety and avoid the expansion of faults.
Whole equipment calibration method
Under normal circumstances, the entire equipment of the winding machine is incorrect due to a transient failure. The hardware configuration calibration or power switch system software power supply can be used to eliminate the failure. If the undervoltage protection of the power switch power supply causes confusion, it is necessary to reset the system to eliminate it, and pay attention to the current backup data record before eliminating it.
Production test run program flow
Defining an effective program flow and operating successfully is the basis for clarifying whether the entire equipment system software is intact or not. Incorrect settings of some entangled main parameters will cause the system software to malfunction or a function to fail, sometimes because of executable programs Incorrect shutdown caused by faults, inspections can be carried out for the selection of the scheduled test run program process, and the incorrect executable program is corrected to ensure that all its normal operation.
Flexible use of various adjustable parts
The adjustment of adjustable components such as the support force of the toroidal winding machine, the working voltage of the display screen, and the start and stop positions of the wire rack is an easy but practical method in maintenance. According to the adjustment of the adjustable components, adjust Some insignificant faults. When a company repairs a winding machine that has been used for many years, its system software display interface is dim, and everything is normal after adjusting the working voltage of the display power supply system.
Accessory substitution method
In the maintenance of the winding machine, the parts that are suspected of being faulty are replaced with intact parts. After the maintenance staff has distinguished the cause of the fault based on the basis, the fault category can be quickly diagnosed by this method, and the winding machine can be quickly invested in everything normal. Run, and then return the broken parts to repair.It is a common method of clearing faults at this stage.
Improving the Ecological Environment Law
For some very weird failures, we can't find the reason with the replacement method. Usually we must start from the surrounding environment. The natural environment is generally divided into two types, power supply and indoor space. Power supply improvement can choose to use a voltage stabilizer to protect the power supply to improve the source. Due to the fluctuation of the power supply, the capacitor filter method can be selected for some high-frequency effects from the power supply. According to this protective countermeasure, the failure caused by the power supply can be reduced, and it is necessary to improve and check whether the grounding device is good. There are many reasons for the influence of indoor space, such as smoke, steam, etc., roadbed erratic, vibration, etc., indoor space radiation source influences, etc., and they must be inspected by experienced maintenance technicians and technical professional machinery and equipment. maintenance.
Maintenance Information Tracking Method
According to the specific work of the automatic winding machine and the past fault records, it can be found that inadvertent faults caused by the design of the winding machine or the shortcomings of the production process can be dealt with according to continuous changes and perfect systems or hardware. Such changes can be The maintenance information is continuously shown to the maintenance staff. Based on this kind of customer feedback, the company can use this as a basis for troubleshooting to properly and completely eliminate the failure. The effective customer feedback is the help of our company's gradual improvement. Push.
All in all, the first step of winding machine maintenance is to identify the true cause of the fault and the location of the fault as soon as possible based on the fault condition. This fault solution does not have strict boundaries in specific applications, and sometimes only one method can be used. Clearing faults will also have to be carried out in a variety of ways. The key to its actual effect lies in the work experience of the maintenance technician and the deep understanding and grasp of the basic principles and structure of the system. This is what the maintenance staff must have Literacy, but in addition, it clearly puts forward very high regulations for maintenance staff. It stipulates that CNC machine tool winding machine maintenance staff understand the structure and design concept of the winding machine, and understand the characteristics of the CNC machine tool winding machine. In order to quickly find the cause of the fault and distinguish the fault location, in addition, the transformer winding machine is under maintenance so that some power circuits and parts can be surveyed and mapped on the spot. As an outstanding maintenance worker, you should also have certain drawing construction drawings. Ability to work.