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The design principle of the intelligent hand guard of the loop winding machine
- 2020-03-28-

In view of the current use in the marketRing winding machineThere are major safety hazards. If the operation is improper, not only the winding becomes invalid, but also may cause serious injury to human fingers. The safety and reliability of the safety protection device of the winding machine reported by domestic patents is not high enough, and the function is single, and it is difficult to actually solve the safety protection problem.

The existing patented technology mainly adopts the light curtain method, which is to set up infrared switch sensors, ultrasonic probes or gratings on both sides of the winding machine. When the hand is blocked, the protective device is activated to cut off the motor relay and brake, so that the six-axis stranding machine cannot operate. This can protect the operator's hand from injury in the special occasions where the operator mistakenly stepped on the footboard when replacing the winding coil.

However, when the actual winding machine is normally winding, the operator often has to manage the wire and pull the coil, and the sensor will be blocked by the hand, which causes the winding machine to fail to operate. When the winding machine is in operation due to the protective device cut off the motor relay and brake, although it can ensure that human hands are protected from injury, the current winding operation can no longer continue, that is, the current coil is unavailable, resulting in a serious decline in production efficiency , It does not meet the actual production requirements to stop the winding machine motor simply by detecting the operator's hand.

Aiming at the situation that the loop winding machine cannot operate because the sensor is blocked during normal winding, this article proposes an intelligent hand guard device for the winding machine (coating machine), which can respond to the risk of the operator’s hand position In order to achieve the purpose of safety protection, the winding mechanism of the winding machine is intelligently decelerated.