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Introduction and composition characteristics of transformer winding machine
- 2020-05-16-

Due to the different functional requirements of various coil products, transformer winding machines have diversified the types of winding machines. At present, there are automatic winding machines, semi-automatic winding machines, circular winding machines, and servo precision winding machines. Types of winding machines, transformer winding machines, etc.

Transformer winding machine is a new model developed in recent years. In order to meet the requirements of high efficiency and high output, fully automatic models generally adopt multi-head linkage design.

The transformer winding machine uses programmable controller as the control core of the equipment, and cooperates with manipulators, pneumatic control components and executive accessories to complete functions such as automatic wiring, automatic winding, automatic trimming, and automatic loading and unloading of skeletons. The production of this model The efficiency is extremely high, and the dependence on labor is greatly reduced. An operator can look after several such equipment at the same time. The production quality is relatively stable, which is very suitable for processing occasions with high output requirements.

The mechanical transmission part of the transformer winding machine is installed in the upper part of the bedside box, and the electrical part is installed in the bottom box of the machine. The chain drive and the counter are installed at the end of the bedside box. Cover with welding hood.

1. The faceplate of the transformer winding machine plays the role of fixing the winding die and transmitting torque.

2. The main box of the transformer winding machine is composed of a box, a transmission system, and a motor. The stepless speed regulation of the frequency conversion motor constitutes the joint speed regulation system of the main engine, and the high and low voltage winding machine makes the starting process of the whole equipment stable. The motor torque is amplified by the reducer to provide winding torque.

3. Electric control system for transformer winding