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Welding method of automatic welding machine large and small wire diameter
- 2021-06-08-

Welding method of automatic welding machine with large and small wire diameter.

The automatic welding machine is used for high-precision welding electronic parts such as transformers and general transformer inductors and products that generally need to be welded. The size of the welding wire is different, and the welding method is also different.

The wire diameter is φ0.1.

When welding thin wires of φ0.1 or less, use a device that can manage temperature, time, and immersion depth.

When the time is 0-12 seconds, the accuracy should be controlled below φ0.5 mm. The depth accuracy of repeated painting is less than 0.5 mm. The maximum size of the device is 400X400H4cc.

The wire diameter is φ0.1~φ0.2.

When welding φ0.1 to φ0.2 wires, a temperature and time management device should be used. 0~12 seconds, the accuracy is less than 0.5 seconds.

The time is calculated from the start of immersion, and pay attention to the time with lifting, lighting, and buzzer. Use after adding a time management device.

If required for φ0.2 or more, a fully automatic welding tank with time management function should also be used.