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Precautions for different coils of transformer winding machine
- 2021-06-15-

Although there are different winding methods for transformers, many users do not know them very well. The different winding methods are mainly as follows:

1. Precautions when winding round coils with transformer winding machine.

This type of coil is a common type of coil. There are mainly two types of coils: air-core coils and coils with skeletons. This type of coil winding method is relatively simple and does not require high requirements for the position of the cable wheel. Behind the coil, pay attention to the following points on time in the winding machine of the transformer:
(1) Appropriately increase the correction amount of the wire diameter according to the process requirements to adjust the distance between the wire and the wire.
(2) Pay attention to the deformation of the frame when setting the width. If it is a bead, it should be appropriately reduced.
(3) The tension is moderately adjusted, and it is not easy to be too large or too small.

2. Matters needing attention when winding square coils by transformer winding machine:

The typical coil of this coil is a motor stator coil, which is characterized by a small width and a large diameter. The wire diameter is generally greater than 0.5mm. When winding this type of coil, attention should be paid to the control of the winding speed and the control of the tension. Generally, the outlet position of the winding wheel Located at the back of the coil, such an exit position can avoid swelling in the middle of the coil. The winding speed should be adjusted according to the huge fineness and wire diameter of the coil diameter. Generally, the larger the diameter, the slower the winding speed and the faster the speed. The faster the winding speed, the quality of the coil will be affected.