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When buying a fully automatic winding machine, you should pay attention to those factors
- 2021-06-23-

Purchasing a fully automatic winding machine is different from other general machinery. It is necessary to understand the requirements and specific conditions of winding processing technology, master certain electrical equipment and mechanical equipment professional skills, and try to fully communicate with the manufacturer during the entire purchase process to master the necessary Function and processing technology, the problem of not being able to give full play to high efficiency after selecting mechanical equipment

1. Pay attention to the overall quality and after-sales maintenance service of the automatic winding machine;

Most customers consider the price factor when purchasing machinery and equipment is too heavy, resulting in poor quality of the machinery and equipment purchased, and a high rate of equipment failure. The cost of machinery and equipment produced in accordance with reliable processing technology is higher than that of machinery and equipment manufactured by shoddy production. As customers, they should choose mechanical equipment with the same function and small price difference. After-sales maintenance services must also be highly valued, which is related to the future maintenance of mechanical equipment and the supply of spare parts.

2. The automatic winding machine has good functions and meets actual requirements.

The functions of similar automatic winding machines are also very different. The production and processing quality of different models will be very different, and their purpose will also be very different. Choosing the configuration and function that matches your own processing technology can reduce purchases. Cost, because the difference in the configuration of a kind of accessories leads to difficulties in the production and processing of specific winding in the later stage, and then spend more expenses to adjust, this method is not advisable.