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The difference between transformer winding machine and ordinary winding machine
- 2021-07-07-

Because the winding device frequently starts and the constant torque requirements are high, the general parameters of the transformer winding device during the production process are as follows:

The setting of free functions is also a common parameter. Mainly run at slow speed and control at startup. As a soft start-stop buffer function. Proper setting can make the operator adapt to the pulling force when the winding machine starts. When the equipment is stopped, the buffer can be used more accurately to stop.

The lap setting refers to the number of equipment laps that need to be operated according to the production process. Divide the number of turns into the total number of turns and the corresponding number of turns. It should be noted that the total number of turns is equal to the total number of turns in each step sequence.

The operating speed is used to control the operating speed of the equipment. The speed adjustment should be combined with the actual production process and the actual situation of the winding. Too fast or too slow is not conducive to coil forming. Rapid operation is not conducive to the operator's control, and increases equipment vibration and noise. Low speed will greatly affect the capacity and efficiency of the equipment, and also affect the torque output of the equipment spindle.

Due to advances in technology, generally speaking, there are no strict requirements for the use environment of automatic winders. However, because there are many electronic components in the automatic winding machine, they are most afraid of direct sunlight, moisture, dust, vibration, etc., which will cause corrosion damage to the electronic components or short circuit between the components, which will cause the winding to not work properly. Matters needing attention when installing the machine .

For users, the most important thing is to protect the surrounding environment. For example, on rainy days, be careful not to bring umbrellas to the production site to keep the production site tidy. The stepping function is used to control the operation sequence of the equipment. Usually determined by the production process. Winding is not only the winding of enameled wire, but also many other processes, such as paper wrapping, insulating cloth wrapping, etc. Therefore, the correct setting of the step-by-step sequence function can effectively exert the efficiency of the equipment.