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How to make the winding machine run smoothly
- 2021-06-21-

What are the prerequisites for the smooth operation of the automatic winding machine? The use of spiral winding machine for manufacturing can reduce cost, complete automatic wiring, replace manual mode, and be light and convenient. However, in actual operation, the key points of the winding machine are also very critical. Pay close attention to the daily inspection work, as well as the operation in the middle and late stages, to ensure that production is at ease.

1. Fully automatic winding opportunities are applicable to certain parts with higher regulations, such as pneumatic components, guide components, circuit components, automatic control systems and mechanical equipment within the period, etc. All parts must be of quality guaranteed and approved by relevant agencies. After passing the test, it can be used on the automatic winding machine.

2. The actual operator of the fully automatic winding machine must have a certain degree of work experience, and be able to deal with it immediately in case of emergency, and have a certain grasp of each process of the winding machine to ensure the winding machine equipment The safe, reliable and reliable operation.

3. After the automatic winding machine is manufactured, it must be tested to ensure that the operation of the machine and equipment will not stop. After the various performance parameters are tested and standardized, the wiring and installation are carried out to ensure that the machine and equipment are processing The smooth operation of the plant truly allows the operator to understand the professional technology of the machinery and equipment.

The upper part is the prerequisite for the smooth operation of the disc machine. Only by mastering this basic professional knowledge can the production and manufacturing proceed smoothly.