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Reasons and solutions for the irregular winding of the toroidal winding machine
- 2021-07-16-

The toroidal winding machine is a common transformer winding machine. Its performance is relatively stable and the winding speed is also very fast. However, some companies that have newly purchased the equipment often report problems. What is the reason? The following Weihua introduces to you the reasons for the irregular winding of the toroidal winding machine:

1. The specification of the wire used is incorrect.

Since the toroidal winding machine is a highly automated equipment, it is also highly adaptable and can adapt to 0.02mm-0.4mm, but if the wire diameter is set to 0.03mm, then the parameters on the machine are Set it to 0.4m, so it will definitely not wind neatly, so it won't wind neatly!

2. There is not enough compressed air pressure.

The winding machine of the toroidal transformer also needs to use compressed air. If the pressure of the compressed air is insufficient, the winding will be irregular. Therefore, the air compressor and related supporting facilities should be checked regularly.

3. Other reasons for improper operation.

Especially friends who are new to the transformer winding machine, must read the instructions of the winding machine, and strictly abide by the safety operation regulations of the automatic winding machine. If the operation is not performed properly, it will also cause various problems. Among them, winding Misalignment is a very typical glitch.

3.1. The CNC is not adjusted properly.

3.2. The structure of the wire feeding wheel.

3.3. Whether the wire package mold base is reasonable.

3.4. The tensioner cannot be adjusted.

All in all, the main reasons for the irregular winding of the toroidal transformer winding machine are the following, and we have to understand the basic principle, the operation method of the previous manual winding processing, and the operation of the transformer winding machine The winding should be flat and need a neat winding. Each layer must be densely packed. Each layer must be pressed tightly during winding, so that the winding of the transformer winding should be flat, and the transformer winding machine should be operated. The winding should be flat. So this is an important reason to operate the winding machine in accordance with the specifications and regulations!